First Review: Chris Alexander’s BLOOD DYNASTY

Chris Alexander’s latest “Irina” film BLOOD DYNASTY is complete and just got its first review from Aint It Cool News!

“Alexander captures serene scenes of beauty in a trancelike way David Lynch does…”

Read the full review here.

BLOOD DYNASTY is the abstract continuation of my “Irina” films that started with 2012’s BLOOD FOR IRINA and continued […]

QUEEN OF BLOOD: New release and pre-order dates confirmed

Chris Alexander’s second film QUEEN OF BLOOD now has a locked release date of November 10th. Pre-orders start October 13th.


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“The film is visually striking, with stark whites contrasting with bright red blood and deep shadows…Gemmell particularly expresses a huge amount of emotion and nuance while barely uttering a word. She expresses so much with a glance or a pensive look. She is certainly something to watch…”

Check out DVD TALK critic Jeremy Blitz’s review […]

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