Chris Alexander’s latest “Irina” film BLOOD DYNASTY is complete and just got its first review from Aint It Cool News!

“Alexander captures serene scenes of beauty in a trancelike way David Lynch does…”

Read the full review here.

BLOOD DYNASTY is the abstract continuation of my “Irina” films that started with 2012’s BLOOD FOR IRINA and continued with 2014’s QUEEN OF BLOOD.

Nick Percival painted the poster image (as he did with both QUEEN OF BLOOD and my third film FEMALE WEREWOLF) and artist Marc Schoenbach designed the look of the poster.

The film sees the vampire Irina (once more played by the amazing Shauna Henry) rising again like a ghost from her watery grave to bring bloodlust and madness to a lonely woman living in a seaside motel (Cheryl Singleton, FEMALE WEREWOLF).

Among the first people to see BLOOD DYNASTY is acclaimed, award winning writer/director/composer Anna Biller (THE LOVE WITCH) who had this to say about the film:

“With BLOOD DYNASTY, Alexander shows a dedication to combining image and sound in a dreamlike way, especially in the film’s more experimental seduction sequences. He taps into the male unconscious and the mother complex here in a primal way. Nice music too…”

A fourth “Irina” film – BLOOD OPERA – is now in production. News on the release of both films (as well as information on another new film I’m prepping) coming soon…