Wednesday October 27th


The Bloor Cinema, Toronto.

Special pre-Halloween screening: AMITYVILLE II: THE POSSESSION – A vintage 35mm print!

When the “superior sequel” debate rages, THE GODFATHER II and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK often lead the pack but AMITYVILLE II: THE POSSESSION is rarely mentioned. And that’s a shame because Damiano Damiani’s sleazy follow-up to Stuart Rosenberg’s smash 1979 hit is a better, scarier and rougher film in every way. An Italian/American co-production the 1982 picture is actually a prequel, with ROCKY star Burt Young starring as the patriarch of a troubled family who move into the looming New England house and begin to loose their minds, souls and eventually, lives. Violent, frightening, lurid and atmospheric, FILM SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL is excited to bring you a rarely screened 35mm print of this towering terror-fest, just days before Halloween.

FSC host and FANGORIA editor Chris Alexander will introduce the picture with prizes provided by FSC sponsor EYESORE CINEMA.