Well, our beloved home of FILM SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, The Bloor Cinema in Toronto, is going dark for renovations, to be opened up again sometime in the fall and under the management of the HOT DOCS festival folks…

But my OTHER favorite Toronto repertory theatre, The Revue in Toronto’s awesome High Park/ Roncesvales Village has swooped in and scooped up my ongoing series….

In order to keep it going without break I had to immediately program something. So thanks to my old “frenemy” Dr. Uwe Boll for letting me screen the new Italian zombie film EATERS for my FIRST Revue installment…

Here’s the skinny from the theatre’s website:



Chris Alexander_Padded

The Revue is pleased to present FILM SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL on Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 9 p.m., fresh from its popular run at the Bloor Cinema.

The monthly cult film lecture and screening series is hosted by Toronto film critic and FANGORIA magazine editor-in-chief Chris Alexander.

Every month, Alexander showcases another weird and wonderful slab of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy cinema, often lesser known titles that need more love or masterpieces of counter-culture bravado that rarely get screened — or as Alexander often says, “Cinema that never makes the syllabus of any serious film school.”

For his first show at The Revue, Alexander is unleashing an Italian Zombie movie, a long dormant genre beloved by serious horror film scholars.

Eaters Poster PaddedGet ready for Luca Boni and Marco Ristori’s EATERS, a brand spanking new slab of cinematic sickness in the (spurting) vein of such spaghetti ghoul classics as Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE and Bruno Mattei’s HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD.

Each screening is accompanied by an informative mini-lecture, surprising celebrity guest appearances and intelligent Q&A’s.

For more information on Chris Alexander, click here. For more about the film, click here.