Thursday, October 26th, 9:30pm
The Bloor Cinema

One of the most fascinating one-shot films in cinema history, Charles Laughton’s 1955 melodramatic morality play NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (based on the novel by Davis Grub) is a major work of American moviemaking. In the performance of his career, Hollywood legend Robert Mitchum stars as the deranged, homicidal false prophet preacher Harry Powell who, during the darkest days of the depression, leaves a bloody trail of broken dreams and dead widows in his wake. When a desperate man (Peter Graves) is executed for robbing an bank to feed his family, the loot is secretly stashed by his traumatized children…and that’s when the charming, wild eyes, switchblade wielding Powell comes-a-calling.

The only film directed by iconic actor Laughton, THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER is a masterpiece of darkness, melancholy, faith and the fragility of childhood that has often been imitated but never, ever duplicated. Chris Alexander will provide an in-depth lecture about the film before screening a 35mm print of this timeless classic.

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